Friday, December 31, 2010

Hello 2011!

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I LOVE New Years, every year I get ridiculousy way too excited about making a new, new years resolution. Ever since I can remember, I have welcomed the oncoming year with a page-long list of new endeavors.

 This year I am going to do my list a little differently. Instead of your regular-ole- lose ten pounds/save more money/ clean out the garage etc. I've decided to focus more on the small things, like this week I decided I would drink at least two bottles of water a day, and start wearing my seat belt. ( I know totally random with the seatbelt thing and I should already wear it save it, I know, I know.)

 I always start the year out with great intentions and am hardcore on my diet and exercise but somewhere (usually about 3weeks later) I get completelyyy burnt out. So for my 2011 resolutions; simplicity and balance for my life! (If I had balance I wouldn't have eaten half a bag of puffcorns while writing this post...fml)  

So if you are anything like me try making your 2011 resolution simpler by making goals for each month, week or day! Happy New Years!

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