Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Hello hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving.  I decided to pull a thanksgiving all nighter so I would not oversleep miss black friday again this year. ;) I had intended on doing a couple outfit posts but I am sooo sleepy. I found some good deals, not really sure that they were worth the hoouur long line but whatever...tommorrow I have an exciting post about my black friday deals and a makeup job I did for a company named lotus! But for now bed sleep well! Namaste.


  1. Totally miss out on Black Friday...We were in a very remote part of the island that day. We are thinking of breaking down and finally buying a real TV. Aloha to you! A

  2. I didnt do black friday this year, but I did partake in the cyber deals online...Anyway, looking forward to your posts on you new swag!