Monday, January 10, 2011

I drink milk from a wine glass, yo

Feeling Rich with all this goldddd..... I love all of these items. Enjoy!

I know, I promised a makeup tutorial but I am snoowed in. Being a makeup artist, I hate wasting makeup because that sh*t is e$$pensive so I promise makeup tutorial soon. Tommorow I have a photoshoot ad that is going to be published. I am so excited, and can't wait to post the pictures.

Kat Von D Palette- True Romance- Sephora
These colors are to die for I esp. love the cream gold color!

I have this ring and I LOVE it, yep this bitch was too lazy to take her own picture...

( Via Converse)
I just told my bf he could purchase these instead of an engagement ring, I would get more wear outta these :)
(Via loubie)


  1. I am LOVING every second of that eye shadow palette hooker!!!

  2. i would take loubs over a diamond ANY DAY!!!

  3. Just discovered your amazing blog. Following!
    Whenever you are feeling like stopping by, here is where you will find me! Will be happy to see you!Love from Greece!

  4. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!
    I wish I was a woman....

  5. Oh wow I really really want a pair of Loubies!!

  6. where can i find the golden allstars?