Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Homeade Sushi





Homeade Sushi in 8 easy steps! The materials aren't expensive and it doesn't take as long as most people think. okay. Numero uno.  

1. Rinse the rice with a lil bit of water to get the filmy well... um rice film
 2. Follow Sushi Rice cooking instructions. (not rocket science, I promise)
 3. Pour a few teaspoons of rice vinegar over rice.
 4. Cover seaweed with a thicck layer of rice. (dip hands in water as needed to keep rice from sticking to fingers)
5. Chop veggies in thin slices and place in the middle of seaweed and top with cream cheese
6. Carefully roll sushi, keep roll tight using bamboo mat
7. Put sushi in fridge before cutting into slices so it will slice and not fall apart!
8. Yummy! Enjoy all the sushi taste with out the asian restaurant

Sushi Rice
Bamboo mat(optional)
Pot or pan for rice
Seaweed wrap
Cream Cheese

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